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    art inspired by nature

    customized fine art & murals for your home or office

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    batik, serti and shibori dyeing methods.

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    colors palettes from nature

    Color combinations and patterns from nature are a great resource.

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    Incorporating fabrics, art paper and more to create unique works of art

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    upcycling materials

    Re-imagining materials to create artwork

Appreciation of Nature

Since my childhood, I have had a deep appreciation for nature which has served as a constant theme throughout my artwork. As I live on a partially wooded lot within walking distance of Lake Michigan, I find daily inspiration which greatly influences my work. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working in many mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and textile.

Design Inspired by Diversity & Storytelling

I grew up in a multi-cultural home and have been surrounded by artwork from many different backgrounds particularly that of a great uncle, a Chilean printmaker. The vibrant colors, attention to detail and stories behind each painting have had a huge impact in my artwork.

Another theme reflected through my artwork deals with diversity. Given the diverse landscape we live in, I see nature as a unifying theme because nature is something that everyone can appreciate and like art can be a unifying force in people's lives. This is especially significant now given the fracturing of our social fabric.

Mixed Media & Upcycle Design

Thinking outside the box is my passion. I love to learn new techniques and incorporate the use of natural and recycled materials into my art.

My current focus is mixed media and in particular, I enjoy using up-cycled materials to create fine art. My most recent pieces incorporate many materials including textiles and found objects. By using discarded objects in my artwork, the viewer can join me in reimagining items that were once considered waste into something one could now consider beautiful.


Adria is talented, creative and a pleasure to work with! Adria oversaw the art activity for my daughter's birthday. There were a bunch of 7 year old girls who all needed attention and focus. I don't know how, but Adria gave each and every one of them attention and guidance, leading them to create beautiful art masterpieces. Adria brought all supplies, she thought of every detail and assisted everyone in a personal and patient manner. I feel so blessed that Adria conducted the class. She certainly made the party a memorable and beautiful one!

- R Leah Stein - Friendship Cirlce (5 Start Google Review)

Adria has done terrific work for our nonprofit. We are grateful to her for her classy designs of invitations, logos, and website materials. Her work always comes out looking great. She is very prompt in her responses and is a real pro!

- Joshua Richman - Executive Director/Ruach Inc. (5 Star Google Review)

Design Services

My approach to design and working with my clients is a collaborative, team approach. I welcome any suggestions they have throughout every phase of each project. It is my experience, when working with clients, that the best designs comes from a partnership and respect for everyone’s point of view.

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